What are we working for? (A Creative’s Dilemma)

Those long nights filled with countless hours spent working at our craft. With that constant pressure and anxiety that comes from wanting to be the best. Wanting everything you deserve but aren’t promised. Itching to prove your doubters wrong, even your family.

Everyday we get up and often slave doing something we hate for nothing more than a glorified piece of paper. At this point you either place your creativity in a box or you take that leap out of your comfort zone and channel your inner passion.

Whether it be music, modeling, painting, designing, directing, or even sports, there’s something in us that’s itching to get out and we must translate this fire and creative energy into something tangible. It gives us an overwhelming sense of release, accomplishment, and often happiness as this is our art plus our outlet.

So what are we working for?

The answers differ from everyone. Some do it has an escape from reality, some for the passion, others for the loved and lost, and sometimes just to channel unwanted feelings. Sure, as a creator, sooner or later you’ll reach a point where you often question yourself. But, as life throws obstacles your way, it’s up to you to maneuver through them and channel whatever feelings we have into this outlet.

Never forget why you originally started doing whatever it is you love. Never forget that the doubters and naysayers will only serve as fuel to your fire. Never forget that only one person is in control of your happiness and drive.

You hard work, dedication, and creativity can take you anywhere you want to go. 

You deserve this sh*t.

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