All in the Approach (A Few Tips for Press Coverage)

How you come off on first meeting, introduction, or correspondence is the premiere and often most pivotal moment when reaching out to people you don’t know.

Though many hip hop blogs/media do what they do because they genuinely are about pushing new, talented artists, a professonal approach will always help your case.

Here’s a few tips to make sure your “submission” gets a chance and stands out from the influx of junk and spammers.

1. Introduce yourself!

No platform worth submitting to is moving for fake love or impressions anymore.

That being said, come forward as honest and straightforward as possible . Even when maneuvering through social media DM, simply offering a “hey!”, where you’re from, who you are, can make a world of difference.

When someone you’ve never spoken to approaches you, and the first thing they do is ask you to do something for them, how do you view that person?

Are you likely to help?

2. Social Resume

Though in today’s climate, we’ve expanded and broken down many of the barriers and limitations that were used to divide and keep people in a box, image may forever hold a value.

One of the first steps to self realization when it comes your artistry is that when it comes to marketing your career, you are a walking embodiment and ambassador for your art. Your social media now serves as a near modern day resume or menu handed across the desk to die hard and potential fans alike in seconds.

From here they make the decision to give you a chance, support, or exit. Simple, quick, and in a hurry.

Bottom line: don’t look stupid on Instagram, filling your “Artist page” with memes/goodmorning posts. Frankly, its likely not they way to have blogs, media, or anyone take your career serious.

3. Professional Submissions

What makes blogs so great is that the most important aspect of the whole thing is our art. We feed the machine and keep the creative juices flowing, and developing these relationships keeps the culture alive.

This make that little email for “submissions” critical when you’re starting out making industry connections and making media connects.

Keep your submission clean, conscise, and prompt.

Include key aspects like a brief bio, image, song description, and social media links.

Bare emails with things like a soundcloud link, “hey bro, whats good”, SCREAMING TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS, and “stop sleeping” are often fast ways that get your  submission hurdled to the junkyard and name on a spam list.


With competition and talent everpresent, its often a daunting task of separating yourself from the pack or standing tall above the clambering locals of your favorite writers inbox.

In a digital age, almost anyone is accessible through an email or DM. Everyone from the 1st floor janitor to the CEO can be reached if you do great research.

Take this as a huge bonus for the upcoming artist or creative. Trying to figure out how to get press coverage on these blogs? Find writers from your favorite publications via twitter search or links on their profile on the publication’s site.

Politely reach out! It doesn’t even need to be for coverage, simply ask them what are some things they look for in new artists? Any advice they can give to make the submission process easier? Or even something so simple as what are some good publications you should reach out to?

Some may respond, many may not, but plenty have had opportunity successfully meet preparation by using this tactic, all while gaining positive insight.

The digital realm is only the surface level of the network! Get out there with your local scene, attend festivals, conferences, and just don’t be afraid to show face because increasingly more in life and especially this industry, its about who you know!


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