Nickelus F delivers a chillingly potent visual for “I Ain’t Cried Yet”

Richmond, Virginia’s Nickelus F‘s 15+ year career has encompassed everything from mainstream acclaim on platforms like 106&Park, early collaborations with Drake, to cultivating a longstanding discography that has his name still circling among sonic connoisseurs.

With the first unceremonious visual release off “STUCK”, Nick creaks open the door for listeners to his mental state at his arguably lowest point on the album.

Holding full creative control of the self-produced visual, we get a simple, ominous view of life at the bottom of the tar pit.

Red tones and the lackluster views of Richmond paint the scene, as Nick paces whilst indulging in his vices and bouncing through his unorthodox delivery.

You rarely know what to expect with a Nickelus F drop, so take a look at the latest Petey.

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