Doe$ki & On Go Dunman unleash a “Beast” of an EP for the Summer

The summer is currently up for grabs in VA, and iLPackMobb has made it clear they’re out to take it. No questions asks. With a sleuth of single releases and hints at upcoming projects on the horizon, Mobb summer seems to be in full effect.

On Go Dunman and Doe$ki just started off the wave with their anticipated “Beast” EP. Standing at only 5 tracks and just over 10 minutes, it’s a quick and easily digestible body of work that shows the obvious good-natured chemistry of the Mobb members.

Notable tracks like “Fiji Water”  and “On Me” set the tempo as we vibe to the off the wall adlibs of Doe$ki and braggadocios lines of Dunman.

Take a listen and boom this one through your speakers all summer.

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