Ty Sorrell Teases a Project via So You Know

Ty Sorrell, a VA native recently relocated to Richmond, teases his new vein of creativity with the single So You Know. The Tribe95 artist, Sorrell, sassily raps over an upbeat and textured instrumental to create an easy-going rap experience. While there are some pitfalls within the production value, the overall vibe is easy to catch and the hook pushes the entire song along, to that means. The veteran emcee and multifaceted artist Rob Gibsun also makes an appearance on the single. His classic cadence lends necessary vocal diversity to the track. Keep in mind, the backing instrumental loops continuously with little to no changes so the two different approaches to the song keep listeners invested. So You Know is first in what seems to be a series of releases; Communion, another single, releases on a Friday- July 13.


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