Premiere: Keynote Illidge & Mickey D deliver a sound off for dreamers with “$7.25”

Minimum Wage: (n.) the lowest wage permitted by law or an agreement.

The USA defines this number at $7.25.

The cost of an hour of your time is only $7.25.

Thats an hour of your life you give to a methodic, mindless unit of work that we rarely enjoy or even find tolerable. 

A mere token of $7.25 that we later use to chase our dreams or escape our reality, however we see fit.

703 natives Keynote Illidge & Mickey D take a stab, piss, & verbal bombing on their latest collaborative effort, “$7.25“. 

The tape find the creatives in their pocket, pouring out honest frustrations many of us 20-somethings can relate to. The struggle and battle we go through whilst trying to fit the cookie cutter mold and path they say follow.

“Keep your head down, work, all for $7.25.”

Keynote & Mickey give us a collaborative soundtrack for those who won’t take this path for an answer. 

We got dreams and talents we’re planning to take to the maximum.

Fuck a minimum wage.

Listen HERE

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