Juan Gracious makes a name for himself with “Juillet” EP

Chesapeake native, Juan Gracious delivers a soulful 15 minute introduction with “Juillet” EP.

We find the young artist in a very introspective, somber space, riddled with emotion and honest expression of everything that both plagues him and sobers him from his reality. With the title serving as an ode to Juan’s genesis, the month of July, we see the artist delve deeply into his own character and growth across the 5 track EP.

With standout singles like “Dangerous” & “F&L Interlude “offering a respite from the reminiscent, digestion of Juan’s emotions, the 5 track EP flows very well and makes for a cohesive yet varied listen.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the project is the vocal and creative display that Juan shows across the soundscape that is Julliet. He never shies away from expanding his sound and melodies outside the common space of many “rap artists” in his lane. Providing soulful melodies on interludes, veering “Dangerous” flows, all whilst mixing in homage to outspoken greats like Marshall Mathers on “Run”.

This one is an enjoyable work to digest, so take a listen and get familiar with what seems to be one Chesapeake’s most promising up comers.

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