OPAL shows progression in a new space with “HOPSCOTCH”

Virginia songstress, emcee, designer, and visual artist OPAL continues to prove her boundless creativity and progression with each release. Newest single, “HOPSCOTCH” proves to be no different!

OPAL glides and slides through the creases of the bouncy production from Free Diesel, layering quick-witted bars and anecdotes suited for Instagram captions of many women who’ve quickly transitioned from sadly scorned to empowered empress.

Perhaps the most standout aspect of her latest release is the growth and comfort displayed as OPAL unapologetically rips into the instrumental with her even tone and solid delivery. As mentioned in her recent interview, in contrast to the usual euphoric vibes she’s known to present, OPAL is a true hip-hop artist and lyricist at heart and it shows on “HOPSCOTCH“.

Take the time to give a listen to one of the most promising young artists below!

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