Kenzie Tarantino Tactfully Pens His Way Through “Red Daze”

Many artists leave the state and switch up, claiming their new buzzing city over the commonwealth that gave them their roots. This isn’t the case for ATL- based and VA bred Kenzie Tarantino. Proactively claiming the state that gave him his sound, he carefully crafts each bar that rings across new “Red Daze” EP.

A heavy proponent of lyricism, Tarantino makes the 5 track EP a barfest, dropping punchline, punchline ,euphemism, one after the other.

Kenzie makes for an artist that serves an easy listen for as much his even keel beats and delivery as much as his down-to-earth vibe portrayed through his each track. Standout track “Have To” serves as an honest reflection and ode to the pressure many young creatives feel whilst chasing their dreams.

Nas said the world is ours…so we’re trying to make it happen cause I have to.”

These lines echo through the track as an honest self affirmation and motivation for Kenzie and many like him who are on the grind to manifest their dreams to reality, unabashedly taking the route of manifesting ones career rather than following the well-beaten and less fruitful path we’re often urged towards.

This young artist looks to make his way, and perhaps through him we all can relate. We must make it, simply because we have to.

Stream the entire EP below.

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