A G.O.D. Like Storm Is Brewing In The 75 with “Apollo”

Virginia has been known to be a powerhouse breeding ground for collectives for going on 2 decades now. With groups like N.E.R.D, Divine Council, GWAR, the Clipse, and more sprouting from the soil of the commonwealth and taking flight, its hard to argue the talent that goes on here.In recent years we’ve felt the void, as attention has diverted from the state  and many media outlets went elsewhere, searching and following the waves created by other regions.

Meanwhile a storm was brewing in the 757, god-like to say the least.


Hampton Roads based collective G.O.D.S Music Group has gone relatively under the radar on the scene, quietly working, collaborating, and crafting a sound and chemistry that gives an ode to the versatility and diversity presented to us all through the radio in the 2000’s. An unmatched sense of pride and Virginia flavor was present in the air, and I’m happy to see another young group bringing that back.

Their recent full length release, “Apollo”, stands at a hearty 16 tracks filled with everything from heavy sub-bass anthems, to honest symphonic introspections.

Pick any handful of tracks on this LP and compare & contrast them, you’re likely to find varied sounds but an overwhelming confidence and technical skill displayed by each artist on the tracks. Take a look at some of my favorites: “I-85 South”, “Rituals 1 & 2”, and “Royals”, each presenting their own flavor suitable for the ear of just about any hip hop fan.

It’s hard to stress enough how multifaceted and layered this project is, all while presenting itself in such a refreshing way. The project’s sound is as diverse as the voices and personalities of the artists making it, yet the end product stands as such a cohesive body of work you’d be surprised by the time you reach the end.

With each day we see the scene continue to grow and the once burning embers of creativity in VA has begun to smolder and smoke again, as we see some of our older artists breaking walls and thriving in new spaces. We eagerly await to see what happens next, but I ask you keep your eye out for those that will break the entire frame, after the door has been opened.

Perhaps we’ll be hearing of G.O.D.S. Music Group very soon.

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