Era Hardaway warms up with “Before the Juug”

With The Juug Tape 2 on the horizon, Era Hardaway gears up with a few warm up laps, ensuring he is in top form for his new release. Well known for providing gems of knowledge amidst standout flows and dark visceral sounds, many excitedly await whats next for the Five-Forty frontrunner.

Until then, Hardaway staves off fans and brings a renewed resurgence to his sound with “Before the Juug“. Here we find a reinvented Juugamil, careening between flows and subject matter as he proves himself to be a student of his craft, capable of providing a variety of hor d’oeuvres for any hip hop palate.

“I was gone for a minute but I had to juug…”

At only 8 tracks, “Before the Juug” stands strong as a taste at what is to come from Hardaway, with Spitta-esque love tracks for your “Lil Shawty” and bold bravado in “No Shooters” to boot.

With plenty in store, keep an eye out as we see more and more of Era Hardaway.

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