Huncho Heem Speaks To A Generation With New Album, “I Got Me”

Few north of Richmond possess the cult following and strength of Huncho Heem.

The young artist’s rise has been awe-inspiring, smoothly making the transition from social media freestyles, to standout singles that ring at homecomings across Fairfax and Prince William County. Even signing to well known DMV independent label, IGM.

Through it all, Huncho’s life struggles and frustrations with the game were apparent, as he often went back and forth on social media stating his desire to get out of rap. Battling and fighting to find motivation for his former passion, the Woodbridge fan favorite took a hiatus.

With no music, freestyles, or leaks for months, many worried and outpoured support online, with many affirming his meaning to the scene.

Huncho had become a figure within his city. A prince, local celebrity, dare even a King of the Youth.

Thankfully, the time away seemed to have cleared Huncho’s mind as he gave a sudden drop of a new Eazy Max shot visual for “Whatever You Do“. Fans clambered to his page, and newcomers payed attention as his video clip garnered over 24k views, 300 retweets, and 900 favorites to boot.

The follow up to such a standout visual release could only be his highly anticipated, “I Got Me” LP.

The project covers a range of topics that sings to those in Woodbrige who were forced to jump off the porch, often early. Reoccurring themes of distrust, violence, and the heartache that can come with self reliance ring across the LP.

Some may argue this LP rings as repetitive, or ask what makes Heem truly stand out. One can admit that the subject matter of “I Got Me” is anything but “original”.

Yes, it’s a storyline we’ve heard before and from places even more gutter than where Huncho calls home. But one can never discredit this: Huncho speaks to a generation, & they unequivocally speak to him back. At the age of 18, many of us can relate to the growing pains that came with the molting of previous/high school friends. Some left memories, others left scars. Many a time at this age we felt alone, save for the loyal few who stayed down. Comparitively, we look at Heem and not only was he forced to stay down, but take a dive in that water. It gets muddy, it gets grizzly, it can get slimy. For that reason, he stands apart. As his story rings strong on its own.

Since it’s release, Huncho has received an outpour of support and one this is for certain.

The response was clear: the city, the 703… needs Huncho Heem.

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