Richmond’s La Socket Makes A Statement with “Spray It Don’t Say It”

Richmond’s notorious Southside has been known for decades as a harsh environment, yet it’s never a surprise to see a rose rise from the concrete. With hometown legends like Michael Millions, Fly Anakin, the immortal Nickelus F, and more carving their names into the pavement and history books we look to the future as the next generation brings forth their own twist.

Perhaps on the flip side of those that came before him, the streets are buzzing of La Socket and his debut “Spray It Don’t Say It” mixtape.

The young star’s meteoric rise has been jumpstarted like many new artists of his generation, largely spurted by flossing on Instagram. Just take a scroll through his feed and you get a small peek into Socket’s lifestyle, water around his neck and an assortment of firearms for any willing to test their luck.

Beyond Instagram, we see LA Socket has made a name for himself with his notable aggression and the ferociously violent lyrics that lace his sub-bass riddled beats. With this tenacious style gaining a foothold in the community thanks to the emergence of drill artists in Chicago years ago, and most recently popularized by 17 year old Arlington’s Tay-K.

Despite the likely comparisons, La Socket stands in a league of his own with certified street credibility and a heavy following within his city. With the aid of talented home base cinematographer, Domico Phillips, La Socket has been able to create seamless visuals to further market his already fast moving work.

With singles sporting upwards of 40k plays, “Spray It Don’t Say It” hits streaming services already holding weight with many Soundcloud Surfers and street rap fans nationwide. The 21 track LP rarely takes its foot off the gas, with fast paced rhymes and the prideful charisma that exudes from a VA kid whose made his way off the porch, and thrived. LA Socket doesn’t slow down, but seems to switch into the right lane on a few notable tracks like “I’m Sorry” & “Why“. You won’t necessarily find LA Socket apologizing for the life he lives, but more so providing a confession to his wrongdoings and explanations of his environment and what drove him from the path many wanted for him.

Crazy thing is, it’s all coming from a youngin out of Southside Richmond, Virginia.

With shoutouts from Say Cheese Digital CEO, Shawn Cotton under his belt, opportunities continue to flow toward La Socket.

We excitedly wait to see how he maneuvers in his budding young career.

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