Smiff Resonates in Roanoke with “To Whom It May Concern” LP

Roanoke native and 540 representer, Smiff makes his first appearance on our site with a purposeful deliverance of “To Whom It May Concern“.

Smiff’s lyricism proudly sits at the forefront of his art, as he hones and delivers witty lines and paints thoughtful imagery across his soundscape. He’s not punching you to death or deep layers of entendres which you must scavenge through, but more so aiming to make each listener ponder his message and perhaps even interpret their own.

Songs like Blacked Out Jesus Piece, Good Kid, & Erase The Lies leap to life off of Smiff’s canvas and strut their conceptual prowess. Each effectively delivering an honest message and heaping plate of food for thought, left for the listener to digest as well as enjoy as it slides across each receptor of their Hip-Hop palate.

The title stands beautifully subjective and cohesive, as the listener traverses through the project we feel take a true walk with Smiff through his life and mindset, for anyone who cares to listen . He couples witty bars and a powerful message with a dope cover, in-which he stands within a frame, as his own portrait and divine work of art.

We see Smiff aim to wow listeners with his attention to his craft across this LP, but perhaps most importantly: he intends for it’s message and his life’s highs and pitfalls to resonate and guide those on the same path in little old Roanoke, Virginia.

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