(Producers: PVVLI, Seep, Marq Beezy) WXLFGVNG PVVLI has been on the rise for many years. As he completes his 10th project in his latest album, Virginia Lottery, consisting of 17 tracks. We got a taste of PVVLI’s previous work in #HeatAdvisory we dug & went back to one of his oldes projects, “LUCID: The Diary ofContinue reading “WXLFGVNG PVVLI “VIRGINIA LOTTERY””

“Life & Times of Bobby Blaze”

From his undeniably unique look to his completely incomparable musical sound, Bobby Blaze is in no way, shape or form your average rapper. The 22 year old Hampton native who is also known as “Bobby Boot Up” gives us a look into his world on his latest project “Life and Times of Bobby Blaze”. BobbyContinue reading ““Life & Times of Bobby Blaze””

Breezepark’s “Strangers EP”

The talented group of young artists who call themselves Breezepark dropped an album called Strangers and it’s made waves of its own! This project was fun to listen to and you can tell they also had fun making it. They touch in many different subjects throughout the whole album, each song having its own uniquenessContinue reading “Breezepark’s “Strangers EP””