Nickelus F delivers a chillingly potent visual for “I Ain’t Cried Yet”

Richmond, Virginia’s Nickelus F‘s 15+ year career has encompassed everything from mainstream acclaim on platforms like 106&Park, early collaborations with Drake, to cultivating a longstanding discography that has his name still circling among sonic connoisseurs. With the first unceremonious visual release off “STUCK”, Nick creaks open the door for listeners to his mental state atContinue reading “Nickelus F delivers a chillingly potent visual for “I Ain’t Cried Yet””

Respect the Shooter: The Importance of Cinematographers in a Digital Age

The days of Soundcloud links across your Twitter timeline and cover art for singles flooding your Instagram feed are over. Or at least they should be. By now, many artists have figured out that with social media and updates becoming more fast paced, you must find new ways to grab the attention of both viewersContinue reading “Respect the Shooter: The Importance of Cinematographers in a Digital Age”

Parkway Hypnotizes Viewers with “All In My Head” (VISUAL)

Manassas artist, Parkway has been well known in his city for his standout sound, charisma, and honesty on the mic. Never one to bend for the mold, Parkway’s laid back but calculated flow and delivery serve him well in his latest release for All In My Head. Making noise with releases have never been aContinue reading “Parkway Hypnotizes Viewers with “All In My Head” (VISUAL)”

Doe$ki sets the tone for new EP with “T.H.I.C” (VISUAL)

“n*ggas say they hot, they not, stop it!” Few artists can bring the same high octane, off the wall energy  that Doe$ki Da Wolf brings to the table. With booming instrumentals, layered adlibs, and infectious lyrics to boot, Da Wolf makes a mark on first listen. He makes a strong return to the Tube withContinue reading “Doe$ki sets the tone for new EP with “T.H.I.C” (VISUAL)”

What Happened to the Bars?!

Hip-Hop in it’s essence is about freedom of honest, unfiltered, genuine expression. This over time developed and molded a culture that respected those that brought their real life emotions, struggles, and often frustrations to the mic. Freely letting it spill into the open space and clean motions of the Boom Bap beats of old. TodayContinue reading “What Happened to the Bars?!”

All in the Approach (A Few Tips for Press Coverage)

How you come off on first meeting, introduction, or correspondence is the premiere and often most pivotal moment when reaching out to people you don’t know. Though many hip hop blogs/media do what they do because they genuinely are about pushing new, talented artists, a professonal approach will always help your case. Here’s a fewContinue reading “All in the Approach (A Few Tips for Press Coverage)”

Dope Creatives Under 21

 Austin Skinner Since early on in his career, Reston native Austin Skinner has always had a strong internet presence. Given the fact he’s one of the more consistent artists by releasing music often and collaborating with notable artists such as Nessly, Orion, and most recently with Lil Pump in “4 CHOPPAZ” At only 19, thisContinue reading “Dope Creatives Under 21”

What are we working for? (A Creative’s Dilemma)

Those long nights filled with countless hours spent working at our craft. With that constant pressure and anxiety that comes from wanting to be the best. Wanting everything you deserve but aren’t promised. Itching to prove your doubters wrong, even your family. Everyday we get up and often slave doing something we hate for nothingContinue reading “What are we working for? (A Creative’s Dilemma)”

A Few Artists You Need To Know From The 540

The Virginia scene stands now at what many natives see as a precipice for the culture, either we go all in and take off…or we plummet. Artists have begun to release music in droves, with an emphasis on standing out from the crowd of talented individuals who have gathered in VA. When it comes toContinue reading “A Few Artists You Need To Know From The 540”

Huey Supreme’s got what you need with “Antidote”

From Pistol city to New York in a flash, Huey Supreme has made himself an example for many when it comes to attaining your dreams. After premiering his standout visual, “Never Fall“, through media powerhouse The Fader, we’ve seen Huey’s career take leaps and bounds. Late nights in NYC and a relentless work ethic have servedContinue reading “Huey Supreme’s got what you need with “Antidote””