TENTHSNDHRS by Michael Millions & Radio B

If you want to hear Richmond rap at its finest than look no further than TENTHSNDHRS by AGM member’s Michael Millions and Radio B. The album dropped on July 4th of 2016 and it s filled with nothing but pure unadulterated bars and instrumentals that scream classic hip-hop/rap from the 90’s. It also features a lot of local producers from Richmond like Namebrand, DJ Mentos, Amir, Ohbliv, Cashby, The Stoop Kid, and JL Hodges.

First Impressions: I think this album goes hard. If you like 90’s hip-hop and rap than this album is definitely a go to. Michael Millions and Radio B both killed this album with their amazing delivery and lyricism on top of some very smooth beats. I think the concept behind the album is fitting to it’s quality, it’s definitely worth the 10,000 hours.

Strong Points: Michael Millions and Radio went in on this project. Their flows and delivery on top of their lyricism is what really makes this album what it is. They played no games and dropped this amazingly well put together project that showcases the raw talent that is within our own city of Richmond. Some highlights off this project would be “Welcome to Vice land”, “Cold Day in Hell” Ft. Noah-O, “Think and Grow Rich” and “River City Reds”.

Weak Points: I couldn’t hear or think of any weak points for this project to be quite honest. It bumps straight through and it’s most definitely a Richmond classic already.                                                                             `

This is a very solid collaborative album from these two Richmond natives. Overall I would give this project a 10/10 and is definitely worth the listen if you’re trying to get into the local Richmond rap scene. Also if you ever get the chance to see them live or anybody from AGM for that matter, don’t sleep on it. Their Flag on the Moon 3 performance was very dope.

Check out our Flag on The Moon 3 recap video here.

You can listen to this album on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify

Twitter: @Gessler_Lopez

POLO500 & Big Dawg Tayo – “On My Way 2 Texaco”

Arlington’s Polo500 is looking to make a big statement in the VA music scene, if so, an even bigger impact with some new music. Polo500 teamed up with Big Dawg Tayo to deliver some music to the VA with his latest project that dropped in December, “On My Way 2 Texaco.”

This is a twenty track mixtape that’ll be the perfect trap project to bump to. Catchy hooks with a powerful voice to back it up by POLO500. The ad-libs are solid and gives the lyrics even more character. The tracks itself are similar in quality & well produced. Polo takes the listener on a journey through an unfiltered, real story about trying to make it out of the struggle and let’s them know that he’s here to stay in the music scene. His tracks “Money Power Bricks” and “Pay’d” are messages to everyone that he’s a grinder and he overcame jail to get paid by doing what he loves today.

He also questions his competition in several songs. In “Wrong Shit”, he says that they should live their own life and not worry about his own. He questions if they’re rich, if they pull the girls they brag about, if they’re really about action in the streets, if they’re real or not, and the actions that he’ll do to check them. The song “Death Wish” is a warning that, if he checks you, it’ll be the last time he’ll do it.

I must say that the transitions between one track from the next gets better in the second half of the tape. The combination of Polo500 with Bid Dawg Tayo was sweet science to this trap formula resulting in a good product.

Check out “On My Way 2 Texaco” on Spinrilla!



Written by: J. Guevara

Instagram/Twitter: @justinhisprime



Trevy Trev – Versatile Flows

Woodbridge’s Trevy Trev is arguably one of the hardest workers in the Bridge when it comes to the rap scene, and he’s now making the argument for one of the most versatile, fittingly with this project. Versatile Flows is a work in which you see more versatility than just in the flows, but in the production, style, as well as subject matter that Trevy Trev addresses as the project goes on.

The spectrum of production on this project ranges from deep bass and bangers, to subtle melodies, to the heavy piano and reminiscent tones that flow through the introspective tracks on this tape. Trev seamlessly makes transitions throughout these production styles with his ability to stay in the pocket on any beat, as well as exhibiting his ability to control the song, and not being overshadowed by some of the star production here. With these varying flows and production styles, Trev also shows the many different sides of himself, thus effectively painting a picture of his life and experiences. With standout tracks like Distance Hate, Life Ain’t Easy, OTM, you get to know Trev as more than just an artist, but as a man. One who has faced many of the relatable hardships such as family, loss, and financial struggles.

When listening to this sort of work, a diverse yet cohesive project, one can’t help but reminded of the vintage Wayne era, such as No Ceilings. You can see the emulation, not in style nor plagiary, but in the sheer strength & weight of a project such as Versatile Flows.

We’re excited to see where Trevy Trev goes in 2017, and his next work. Don’t sleep, go check out his Versatile Flows project here!

Written By Kendall G.


(Producers: PVVLI, Seep, Marq Beezy)

WXLFGVNG PVVLI has been on the rise for many years. As he completes his 10th project in his latest album, Virginia Lottery, consisting of 17 tracks. We got a taste of PVVLI’s previous work in #HeatAdvisory we dug & went back to one of his oldes projects, “LUCID: The Diary of PHRXH”. We love the progression & drive in PVVLI as he continues to put on for his city.

WXLFGVNG PVVLI is an artist who produces, engineers, & raps, its pretty hard to lose as you can paint the picture as clearly a you vision it! These tracks speak on everything, including women, the streets, hip-hop, etc. If you listen to this album in front to back order you start to realize he’s describing a day in the life. The 5min intro “Jackpot” was actually intended to be of him dreaming of actually hitting the jackpot!

Two records that stood out most was “Supply – A Love Story” & “Demand – A Lust Story”. In “Supply” it’s exactly that, a more R&B, 90’s vibe tone as he confessed his love for hip-hop. In Demand, he dives into a more ignorant yet smooth tone. One thing I love most about this project is the storyline behind it all & just the overall substance & quality.

Production choice on this body of work was rich, unique, & matched up with the lyrics perfectly. This is definitely a body of work you’ll get a lot more out of if you listen to in order but nonetheless this is definitely one of the best projects coming out of Fredericksburg 2016!

Find this on SoundCloud !

“Life & Times of Bobby Blaze”

From his undeniably unique look to his completely incomparable musical sound, Bobby Blaze is in no way, shape or form your average rapper. The 22 year old Hampton native who is also known as “Bobby Boot Up” gives us a look into his world on his latest project “Life and Times of Bobby Blaze”.

Bobby Blaze has been known for gracing the Virginia hip hop scene with his distinctly different “boot up” sound that we love, and on this project he did not disappoint. From beginning to end, the 10 track mixtape gives listeners a vivid picture of exactly who Bobby Blaze is as an artist. On his opening track “Verified” Bobby Blaze gives us animated vocals and hardcore lyrics over a mellow, retro sounding beat, giving listeners the unique, loveable sound that Bobby Blaze is known for. On other tracks such as “Accidents” and “Going Crazy”, Bobby Blaze shows his versatility as an artist by giving us catchy, sing-song hooks over trap beats resulting in a perfectly blended sound that is sure to please listeners everywhere. Throughout the project Bobby Blaze features artists such as Doe$ki, Bucky Malone and Treez Lowkey and the project also features tracks produced by Ready Rock James, bringing it all together to form that trap-funk sound that the 757 is now becoming recognized for.

With this project, Bobby Blaze shows that while keeping the same trap influences that his fans love, he is also capable of changing the face of trap music in the 757 by incorporating his own unique influences.

The Holloway EP x Holloway

Uprising Virginia artist Holloway (@whoisholloway) brings up his ep titled “The Holloway EP”, released in 2016. This collection of 6 songs is capable of bringing the audience through a range of feelings. The beats are calm and steady with lyrics that definitely cause you to think.

First Impression: This EP was super easy to vibe to. The beats weren’t anything too wild, which made this an EP that you can kick back and listen to. Listening to this I definitely found myself thinking of a Dave East and Nas mixture, although a comparison does no justice since Holloway made this EP his own!

Weak Points: There’s not much you could say bad about this EP! I just wish there was a little more diversity within the 6 songs but every track was still replay worthy.

Strong Points: These tracks all have an original touch to them, which is always important. The lyrics had the great ability to story-tell! I felt everything he was talking about. The EP flowed really nicely and there’s not a song I would skip. I would have to say that my favorite song is God Ready. It starts off with a soft beat but a very strong and aggressive flow. The song has a sense of realness to it and there’s nothing I value more than keeping it real!

Final Thoughts: The EP as a whole was very well put together. I can tell that it was thought out and the hard work shows through the production, lyrics, etc. There’s not really any “hype” songs on this EP but that fact is what makes it stand out! It’s surely a vibe album. Be on the lookout for Holloway on the Virginia music scene!

Find this EP on Apple Music and Spotify.

2016’s Top Hottest Artist



Though many outside the 804 may be sleep, the collective known as the Association of Great Minds (AGM) have been some of the hardest workers in VA, especially within the RVA scene. The group consists of solely Richmond natives, all hailing from the Southside of the city. This includes VA Legend Nickelus F, Michael Millions, Radio Blitz, and Namebrand. Nickelus F may be the most known of the group, he’s been putting on for the city for a decade and has worked with many of artists, including hip hop/pop icon Drake in some of his early works like Room for Improvement. This is not a limit nor judgement of him or his lane, however, as he’s been creating his own raw sound coupled with tuned vocals that’s aided him in creating multiple RVA classics such as Triflin’, Vices, and Faces. Other members such as Michael Millions and Radio Blitz are dope artists in their own right, providing us with solid albums such as Beautiful (Michael Millions) and the collaboration LP with Radio B titled TENTHSNDHRS, which received rave reviews from regional magazines as well as on our site. The final member, Namebrand, is one of the best producers coming out of RVA and also happens to be the brother of Michael Millions. He’s collaborated with many artists, including Noah-O and of course his fellow AGM member Nickelus F, on the 2016 standout project Stretch Marks. This powerhouse collective has been working to put on events for Richmond and continue to put on for the city with their event the past 3 years, Flag on the Moon, which we covered in December 2016. This event is used as a showcase of all the local upcomers in Richmond, with over 15 artists performing that night! If you’ve been sleeping on AGM and all they’ve been doing to put on for RVA and Virginia as a whole, we suggest you support and start paying attention!


Breeze Park

Coming out of Suffolk, we caught wind of this talented group. Breeze PARK. The group has 4 members Cam, PLAY, Rye, & Ty. The 4 bring together a nice 90’s vibe but it mashes from R&B to Lyrical to also bit of Rock. Beat selection is key in the industry and they hands down always come correct on that aspect. They’re young but their sound is timeless and can definitely be played around the world. Their critically acclaimed project “Strangers EP” (check out our review) really made a powerful mark for this group, it now stands at over 30K downloads alone and well over 100K streams. This group of guys have their own lane, their own style, and just their own way of doings things. In the past, Suffolk has been slept on but with the help of BreezePark, they are creating a scene for not only their city but Virginia as well. Aside from the US, they have a big following in Paris & Africa. Really excited to see were they’re going to be at a year from now. Be on the lookout for their next EP.. there’s no set date yet so follow them closely!

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Divine Council

Richmond’s Divine Council seemingly leapt to the forefront of the VA music scene this past year! The group consists of Lord Linco, Cyrax!, ICYTWAT, and $ilkmoney. The groups has been on the grind since it’s inception by Lord Linco in 2013, and with the addition of producer ICYTWAT (originally from Chicago) was made complete. Their grind was a slow one, as they took advantage of the bubbling, RVA scene where there are many venues and gigs artists frequent to try and get their name out htere. This coupled with some strategic releasing and work on social media, helped them to garner a solid following which allowed them to eventually perform out of VA. One of the most intriguing aspects of Divine Council that iaided them being put on the map was the cosigning and taking-under-the-wing by hip hop legend Andre 3000 on their latest track Decemba Remix.


Norfolk’s iLLPackMobb is arguably the most talented and diverse collective in VA! The group includes rappers, producers, engineers & a cinematographer. Members Era Hardaway (founder), Doe$ki, Vontae Knight, Jae R, Bliq. Al-Doms, Lando, Night Treez, No1DraftPickReem , SVPXR, Whip, Blow, Webb, On Go Dunman, Shaq, Mack, and Chris Corenza. This 2016 was a key year for this collective. Keeping it honest, Jae R, Al-Dom$ have to be in the top tier of lyricist in the VA pointblank..  Records like “Warning” & “Summer Falls” proves just that. though Era is no slouch either, just check his visual for On The Lo! And Vontae Knight Visuals is arguably one of the premier cinematographers in the game. Yet one thing you learn about this group is that you can’t put them in any box because they’d break it everytime. Doe$ki especially went hard this year with his #YNSTM Tape  with some production by Era Hardway, No1DraftPickReem, & NightTreez. With a ever growing buzz, their continuous growth, performances at venues such as The NorVa, as well as 40 oz Bounce experience under their belt, we  firmly believe this collective has what it takes to blow up and continue to put on for VA & the 757. If you aren’t familiar with them, set your alarm, check out their website, and wake up!


.Peter $un

Peter $un has been one of the hardest workers from the RVA scene. He’s gotten comparisons to many with his unique sound and style, including Chance the Rapper. Peter is most definetly a man of his own though, with projects like Paradise Is A Day Away garnering over 18k plays on many of its tracks, painting vivid images with unique vibes. He & We Are VA Media Group have been working hard to expand his brand, with features on RapNation, shows in cities stretching from vermont to the midwest, and his recent part time relocation to NYC. RVA is offering many different sounds and artists coming into 2017, one would be sleep to not note Peter $un



When mentioning some of the top artists in VA when it comes to clout, buzz, and purely putting on for the state..you can’t leave off the OG, Mi$tro! This Caroline County native,first began to garner buzz with his first project “The Commonwealth II”, from which hee garnered much buzz, and subsequently released his self titled EP in 2015. The culmination of much of Mi$ro’s grind and hard work could be seen with his signing to MIH Entertainment, and linking with LA hometown hero King Lil G, who he joined for his Lost In Smoke 2 Tour. He has gone on to give us his latest single this year with Gxddamn, which was a hard-hitting track with a dope visual to match. Much of the appreciation and respect from Mi$tro is him being one of the pioneers in the new age for the VA scene, as well as being an artist who has never been afraid to reach down to aid others in their come up. He’s co-signed and supported many of artists, blogs, and even us in our earliest inception. Frequently sends free beats to upcoming artists, all to keep the Virginia network and community working and continuing to evolve. No matter what one could say about his music alone, and your preference, one thing that can not be denied is the fact that Mi$tro is authentic, and never shy of the fact he is #ForeverVA.


G-$tar Boyz

$tar Gang has been dominating the scene of Manassas for a minute, to say the least! The group contains members G$tar Giorgio, G$tar T, Lul Lip, Lul Rock, and Huss Baby. Their sound is largely based on a lot of energy and melodic vocal delivery that they bring with their music. Tracks are guaranteed to have catchy hooks, smooth melodies, and something you can turn on to cruise in the whip or turn up to at a function. When attempting to describe their musc, one can feel that consistency isn’t a strong enough word. Their catalogue of singles and bangers is extensive and unwaivering in quality. Giorgio is the latest to release, with his G$tar back EP garnering over 22k+ total plays. Keep an eye out as Star Gang continues to run it up in 2017!


Treez Lowkey

Virginia’s own, Treez Lowkey, is a rapper & producer. He can be claimed as one of Virginia’s Soundcloud Kings in terms of streams and following as easily hold over one million streams. He’s definitely artist you can turnup or cruise to with a sound like his its hard to not play a sound 3-4 times straight. He had a strong 2016 touring a couple cities and networking with producers like Woqdagurl, Taz Taylor, & 16yrold. Treez may arguable be Richmond’s hottest Artist 2016. We can only imagine the damage he’s going to do this year!


Ver$ace ChaChi

Ver$ace ChaChi many could consider the self made king of Soundcloud in VA. His unique sound/style, with plenty of game culture and anime influence, has garnered him over 13k followers, most tracks over 20-30k plays, and has steady built a following through this music media tool. This following has even allowed him to stretch overseas, on minor European tours/shows, as well as being featured in regional magazines such as RVA Mag. He has partnered with other members off TTF and has also began booking shows for his 1234 tour curated by Slapdash RVA with friends Dr. Millionaire and Dan V Hefner. Originally hailing from Richmond VA, keep an eye on him as he continuous to expand 2017.


Young Crazy

Possibly Shark City’s most prominent figure is Young Crazy! He and Crazy Camp have been working overtime to put on for the city and bring noise to VA. His presence cannot be denied, ever since his 757 anthem Get Dumb took over in 2013, the grind hasn’t stopped for Big Crazo nor his camp. Since then he’s released singles, numerous Ep’s, collaborated with 21 Savage, shared the same stage as 75 legend Pharrell, and has released a ton of quality visuals. His  latest work, The Definition of Crazy 3 tape, was some of his best yet and a showcase of much of Virginia’s top talent, such as F12, Malik Sparrow, Kino Beats,Ready Rock James, Doe$ki, Young Money Yawn, & Breeze Barker. With national magazines such as XXL & The Source paying attention, his upcoming January Tweak Up Tour with MoBoombox, and all of Virginia behind him…the sky is the limit for Big Crazo!


Young Moe

Alexandria’s Young Moe has been on the grind for some time now, and this dedication and humble hustle is what has landed him on this list! Young Moe started first making buzz with many of his collaborations in 2010-2011 with DMV legend, Fat Trel, on tracks such as Death Is A Guarantee which made a decent regional buzz across the area. Young Moe didn’t let up though, releasing an onslaught of quality visuals, as well as his Humble Hustle mixtape series, that really showcases his unique voice and storytelling ability, that one could instantly recognize as authentic.  In hindsight, Moe left us with many AVA classics, many now holding 200k+ views on YouTube, such as Tryna Find My Way and Letter 2 Amarie. Along with these visuals, Young Moe used many grassroots tactics to network and show face, such as traveling around Northern VA with a trunk full of CD’s, handing his first major mixtape “Humble Hustle” out in the local Kingstowne plaza, and many small venue shows. This is a path far different than most, a true Virginia hustler’s slow grind. He is now visibly reaping the benefits of his work over the past 5+ years! He is now a BWA affiliate with Kevin Gates, going on major tours, numerous articles in XXL, as well as having a recent critically acclaimed project “Street Scars 2”. With all this one can’t deny that he’s putting on

2016’s TOP Upcomers

Alexander Mack


Residing from Radford, Alexander Mack is a musician, producer, & songwriter. He’s definitely a artist who utilizes the production to the full effect adding a jazz kind of vibe on his records. He’s unique in a sense that he doesn’t sound nor try to simulate anybodies style. He’s worked with musicians like Masego & Meko Supreme.  If you aren’t aware to him you should definitely check him out

Austin Skinner


From Reston, 18 y/o Austin Skinner has vastly improved in the last 3 years. Working with artist like Nessly, Chuck $avage, Con, & little big brother. He gain a really great buzz in the past year and is hitting thousands of streams effortlessly.  Though he does lack in visuals, Check him out on soundcloud!



Alexandria’s own, BANG has been on the music scene for years now. He really made a nice statement in his music video in “Sinner $piritual”.We don’t get as much music that we want from him but he has the potential to really shine this upcoming year if he plays his cards right..



Of Alexandria, Big Ka$H has been putting on for his city for years in many ways than one. He is quadrupal threat as he raps, produces, engineers, & graphic designs! Bar for bar, Ka$h has to be one of Virginia’s top tier rappers. He’s had labels looking at him for a while now but is yet to settle with anyone. Production wise he has a  strong production team in his producers 60, Dezo, & himself. He is set to released a album on all streaming services sometime early this year. Be on the lookout for this artist this year!


Breeze Barker


From Portsmouth (aka Pistol City), Breeze Barker was a easy pick for this category because of his work ethic. He’s sound is more so, drill yet he still doesn’t sound like nobody else. Releasing music videos often, definitely got him a buzz 2016 along with dropping his joint tape “Sharks x Pistols” with Norfolk’s Young Crazy. Be on the lookout for Breeze!

Bucky Malone


Bucky Malone has be on the rise since 2012, this past year though he really made his mark working with Divine Council’s ICYTWAT. He’s been on the source for his most popular records, “Next 2 Me” & “Wi$hlist”. He recent released his pink album, check it out!



Representing woodbridge, Rapper, Con hit the scene hard 2016 with his project, “Land of the G’s”.Where he really made his mark though was in his hometown anthem “703”. Con has one of the more aggressive yet hysterical flow & with the help of his cinematographer Legicity, it’s simply hard for him to lose. Be on the lookout as we’re expecting his next project “Induhcon 2”.

 Chuck $avage


Chuck $avage of Woodbridge, has one of the largest catalogs in VA. Over 11 Tapes since 2009. All the work he’s been putting in is paying off. He’s a well round artist & producer. Definitely a name you probably heard in the past & will continue to hear..

 Don Pe$o


Of Newport News Don Pe$0 has been putting on for his city since 2013. He kept applying pressure of the years and keeps getting a step close as time flies. Wonder whats in store for him 2017.

Doug Finesse


From Norfolk, Doug Finesse quickly caught our attention with his record “Ready”. We’re really excited on whats next for this artist because he has true authenticity and make relatable records that are very much night club worthy!

Huey Supreme


From Norfolk, Musician Huey Supreme has the total package. From visual to beat selection, he never disappoints. He often fuses jazz with hip-hop as he narrates real life situations. He is definitely an artist that has radio friendly records. He released a masterpiece in “Hues EP” a real versatile set of songs that have a 90’s kind of vibe. He’s already making big moves, meeting up with Vibe Magazine, DJ Booth, & Audiomack. Definitely someone you watch to watch closely this year!

Isaiah Jeremiah


Of Richmond, Isaiah Jeremiah first caught our attention 8months ago as he released his single “sound.track”. A real smooth 90’s vibe type of record with beautiful vocals to match. December he released his EP the “Divine Search” and it has already gone for 10K streams. Check out our write up on this body of our.

The Divine Search



17 y/o singer & rapper by the name of JVSTUS hit the scene for the first time 2016. Debuting his first two singles in “For You”  & “4am” which both reached over 30K streams. The fact he’s so young yet making the progress he is, is a good indication that big things are in store for him. His EP, “For You” will drop sometime soon. Be on the lookout for this kid!

Jack TP


From Norfolk, Jack TP is a musician with a lot to offer. Not only does he rap/sing, he produces for himself and artist like Doug Finesse,  Awkward Jaz, $ir Ratchet and many more. Jack consistency is what makes him scary because he’s only improving when he’s not releasing a project he’s releasing a beat tape. Keep your eyes on this guy heavy 2017!

 Jeremy Okami


From Manassas, Jeremy Okami is a rising star in the making. His style varies from singing & rapping, he’s a artist you can listen to all day for the near fact he’s so versatile. One track could be odd future aggressive while his other tracks could be lyrical and/or consensual. He has the type of sound that can be play any & everywhere & we hope to be a factor in helping him get the respect he deserves.



Attachment-1-26.pngRichmond’s own, J-Slim (member of 3way Ent) stands out with his unique storytelling and raw delivery. He’s worked with Elevator mag. (Shoutout to LRTVKevin) J-Slim got our attention and the momentum to really make a name for himself this.


Kasanova Crudele

Attachment-1-23.pngKasanova Cruduele has potential to really be something special this year. He can go anywhere from conscious rap to R&B and that’s what makes him so lethal. Be on the lookout for him this year and check out this last EP.


Kris Stasse


19 y/o Kris Stasse and G.O.D.S. (Greatness Over Deceptive Strength) is a group based out of VA Beach! A bunch kids trying to turn the dream into reality. Stasse especially caught our attention with his lyrical approach in his single, “Nobody”. Influenced by groups like GOOD MUSIC and TDE. It’s refreshing seeing a kid so young straying away from the basic sound and creating the honest yet relatable sound. Be on the lookout for his project entitled “Rose” he plans on releasing in March!



Repping Fredericksburg, Luk0 (of 40boyz Ent) is quite well rounded as he raps, sings, produces, & plays guitar! He released his debut December titled “Lobby Runna”. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.



Off Alexandria, Richmond Highway’s (The Highway) Malcolm is triple threat rapper, producer, & engineer. This pass October Malcolm surprised everyone with his 31 knights mixtape. The tape quickly caught our attention as we kept watching him and quickly found out he’s been going out of state meeting with labels. It’s only a matter of time before we hear him on the radio.

Migo Arias


Of Manassas, Migo Arias is one of the artist on the forefront of the Manassas scene. He’s a real energetic rapper & performer. Earlier this year he throw an event that we sponsored, #ForeverManassas. & hands down Migo had the whole building going wild with him. We are really excited to see what this year has to hold for this guy because he has pure talent and a die hard group of supporters.


Mutant Academy


Richmond’s own, Mutant Academy is  a huge collective of Rappers, Producers, Engineers. Containing Big Kahuna OG, Fly Anakin GrayMatter Beats, Koncept Jack$on, Sid, betfrnd ,Chris, Rey, & a few others. They’re a collective thats coming for not only Rva’s top spot but Virginia as well.

Mike Strong

Attachment-1-13.pngFrom Virginia Beach, Mike Strong is simply  one of the best coming out of Virginia. This pass year he’s been releasing a lot of singles and producers such as Andre Joyner, FAKEUzumi, & a couple others. If you don’t know him, you should definitely invest your time through his soundcloud.


Attachment-1-30.pngNoo$e has been on the scene for a long time. Wether its rapping, producing, or engineering.. he does it all! He had great momentum in 2016, hitting over +50K  in just streams for his singles. Hopefully we can get a project out of him this year. None the less Noo$e is coming for the top spot.. be on the lookout for the young visionary.



Richmond’s own, Noah-O is  one of our more consistent artist all around. His delivery & lyrical content earned him the #1 spot on Richmond’s Style Weekly for his last album “The Rain”. Definitely well deserved, even if you can’t relate to his struggles you’ll still find yourself nodding to it because you can hear the authenticity in his voice. Noah has one of the most unique stories to tell. Find out for yourself and stream his latest album, Here.



Alexandria’s own OmertaGang (TazzTiNo, Bushwick the Profit, PacoSuavee, Moe Bang, Shoota Reek, Lul Nitti, GD Rep) hit the scene hard with their debut single, “Metro Boomin”. It was play at almost every party last year & reached over +17K streams. As they continue to ride their momentum the group dropped  the “Str8 Out The Trenchez” mixtape. Be on the lookout for these guys individual tapes because they’re making noise in the trap scene in AVa.


Attachment-1-20.pngOpal hit the scene hard 2016, she’s been on Pigeones & Planes multiple times for her hit records “France” & “Space Pilot”. Her voice, style, and songwriting compliments FAKEUzumi’s futuristic sound & production.She’s in a lane of her own, one can only wonder if her music and her sound is just way ahead of the curve.


fullsizerenderNOVA’s own Orion, has been on the rise for a while now. Breaking over 500K on his hit record “TTG”. Streams is not the issues for this artist, as he does lack in visuals. He succeeds in everything else. He also opened up for Travis Scott @ VCU’s Homecoming and got great feedback. Can’t wait to see what this young star has in stores for us.


RoeShamBeaux - KO.jpg

Rap Duo Roeshambeaux contains producer Mikey Sol & rapper Jay The Homie. The two are a deadly combo indeed. They caught our attention in 2016 with they popular record, “Jetta Whippin”! With Mikey Sol’s great arrange of sounds & Jay’s lyrical yet comical approach, it’s hard for the two to lose. We have big hopes for the duo this year!

Sam The Man


NOVA’s own, Sam The Man representing Alexandria is a talent rapper, producer, & engineer. He recent grabbed our attention with his Album titled “Goodnight”

Sonny Ward


From Woodbridge, Rapper Sonny Ward has been around and rapping a while. He snapped this year with his popular single “Better Than You”and EP, “Not Sorry Yet”. We see a lot of potential in Sonny and his team for this upcoming year!



Of Newport News, T-Crooks has been on  putting on for his city for some years now. Hands down, he has some of the best music videos we’ve seen in VA. Crooks dropped a album this pass year called “Blickem Boys 2”. Overall great album, we’re excited to see what this new year holds for him.

Too Trill


Alexandria’s own, Too Trill music group having been putting on for city for years. The group makes up of RamboDa G (CEO), Miquale Christ, & Yung Jay. They’re different styles compliments each other. They’re on the rise.. you heard it here first folks!

Von Sensei

Attachment-1-5.pngRepresenting Suffolk, Singer ,Von Sensei really made his mark with his “Wolf of All Streets” EP (Produced by Andre Palace). He’s definitely a artist that the women gravitate towards and if women play it.. man will eventually get on board as well. We’re really excited to see his growth in 2017!



Breezepark’s “Strangers EP”

The talented group of young artists who call themselves Breezepark dropped an album called Strangers and it’s made waves of its own! This project was fun to listen to and you can tell they also had fun making it. They touch in many different subjects throughout the whole album, each song having its own uniqueness in sound and subject!

First Impression: I was extremely impressed when I listened to this album the first time ! These boys each have their own dope and personal flow and I think it added a lot of character to the project. There’s a little something for everyone on this album.

Weak Points: Finding any weak points on this album is a struggle, honestly. I’ll just have to plead the fifth on this one!

Strong Points: sometimes making groups with artists can be difficult. You can find it’s hard to identify each artist as in individual but that’s not the case here! I love how each artist has their own  vibe and it all works out together. The songs were pretty enjoyable and easy to vibe with. There was a range of sounds. Sometimes you felt the smooth R&B vibe and sometimes it was a hype vibe! Versatility is a major key, they have that down! My favorite song was most definitely Is You Wit’ It Pt. 2. The song started off with a super smooth R&B vibe and then dropped into a upbeat tempo. It automatically caught my attention and, I must admit, got played a few times in a row.

Final Thoughts: this album was very well put together and thought out! There was not one song I skipped and if you find yourself skipping over a song, I think you’re missing out. It has different sounds throughout it so no matter what kind of rap or hip hop you’re into, I feel like you’ll find a song here. Breezepark has definitely impressed me with this one, they are now on my radar !

Find this song on SoundCloud.