DAYFVE formally known as Jeremy Okami and Gami came together to create this catchy new single. Once again, DAYFVE shows his versatility with his change in style, proving he’s an all around artist who doesn’t fit in a box! NO.STRESS is all about the concept of “no strings attached”. We can all relate to the idea of not needing any added stress, just good times and good vibes! Gami definitely helps put this song together along with great production and lyricism. Continue reading NO.STRESS x DAYFVE ft. GAMI

Easalio “Mood EP”

Easalio is an artist from Richmond, VA who just dropped his second EP earlier in the month called “Mood”. Mood is a unique eight track project that features beats only by UK producer MiniGold. “Mood” is also almost an entirely solo project. The lone feature on the whole EP and that’s by Maffew Ragazino on the song “Vibes”. The underappreciated WorldWide Paper Gang representative brings an old school delivery towards melodic beats. The project was highly anticipated towards hip hop heads thanks to features from RVA’s own The Cheats Movement, Henny & Coke, and Continue reading Easalio “Mood EP”

Souche interviews rising NoVA artist JHN$N

Souche: JHN$N! Pleasure to finally sit down with you, please introduce yourself to everyone!
JHN$N: I appreciate y’all having me. i’m JHN$N, I’m a recording artist, beatmaker, engineer and designer. I just love art forreal.

Souche: Prior to your debut under JHN$N you released 4 projects, what made you change your identity?

JHN$N: I felt as though I grew as a person, and matured musically into my true self. Continue reading Souche interviews rising NoVA artist JHN$N

R.O.S.E x Kris Stasse

One of the best things about music is the feeling it often creates. I know I’m not the only one who hears a certain song at the perfect moment that lifts my mood and inspires me. Virginia rapper Kris Stasse’s latest project, R.O.S.E. does not just have one song that does that, but an entire album. Song after song had a dope beat, inspiring lyrics, and created a vibe I haven’t felt from an artist in a long time. For anyone looking for something they haven’t heard before, get into Kris Stasse. Continue reading R.O.S.E x Kris Stasse

Just Leek “Leek Season”

Just Leek is coming at you with some heat in “Leek Season”. The seven track project is hosted by DJ SweenDawg who hosted on other projects such as YNSTM2 by Doe$ki for example. Leek Season is a prelude of more to come from Just Leek. This project is a unique collection of his unique delivery. A great example of that would be his track “3Style” produced by Carl Alexandre, which has over 1,100 plays on Soundcloud. On the track, you’ll be addicted to his various flows on the track which keeps the listener entertained. Continue reading Just Leek “Leek Season”