Andre Palace


Born in Chesapeake, VA Palace was taught by his grandmother how to play the piano at the age of nine. Like most musicians he started his humble beginnings playing the drums at his local church and continues to play till this day. He has won countless amount of beat competitions such as Ultimate Beat battle league and iStandand . He started a music group called Rare Allure with his friends and strives to leave behind a legacy. Andre Palace has worked with a numerous amount of artist from independent to signed across the U.S.  He has done work with Illmind (producer for J.Cole, Drake etc), Skyzoo (rapper, songwriter worked with Jadakiss, Talib Kweli, Just Blaze), FATMANKEY, Cutis Williams from Two 9 and many more.



Music has always been a part of AN TY’s life. Being from Virginia, AN TY was influenced by Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliot and others. But most of his musical influence comes from his Dad, who led Praise and Worship in church when he was growing up. The jazzy flow of piano, trombone, and drums reverberated in his ears for years to come and AN TY quickly followed in his dad’s footsteps, playing any instrument he could get his hands on; Trumpet, congas, organ, he tried it all.

AN TY’s first dabble into production was when his Dad introduced him to Cool Edit Pro and Sony Sound Forge in 2007. AN TY quickly learned the craft and started to create records, equating the creation process to completing a complex musical puzzle. The fervor to create had engulfed him like a tsunami and he knew there was no turning back… as AN TY puts it “I was addicted.”

By now AN TY was residing in Maryland, and his taste in music started to widen. Electronic sounds from DJ Tiesto, and hard hitting drums from Just Blaze led AN TY down a path to finding his own sound. Fast forward to present day in Northern Virginia, AN TY has turned his passion and influences into a style he likens to sitting on a Comet hurdling through the galaxy, absorbing all the vibes of the universe. Oort Cloud Music is the brainchild of a kid who really wanted to go to Space, but has to settle on bringing Space, to Earth.


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17 year old Artist/Producer/Engineer trying to spread love and a vary of emotions through the waves of sound. OddKidsOut Entertainment signee. Producing for 4 years and Writing for 3. Virginia Grown and currently residing (Manassas).



Producer Caesar,  from Halifax County,  who is one of the fastest growing upcoming producer‘s in VA. If you didn’t know Caesar produced Doug Finesse’s  Summer Hit “Double” which hit hard in the summer time and also produced his  Club time jam “Ready “. Caesar who influences of music comes from Producers such as Kanye West, Timberland, 9th Wonder , Just Blaze, Southside , Metro Boomin, and more! When asked about his style he would say he likes to make people really feel the music with old school feel with a new twist. He’s also been in touch with Def Jam’s & Roc Nation A&R’s discussing some of his beats. Also, he’s been in touch with working with Major artist such as 2 Milly (Milly Rock) and more. As far as right now be on the look out for new music from him collaborating with Con from the 703, Sonny Ward , and more !
Check out some of his stuff on Soundcloud: Soundcloud
Twitter/SC: @jairus7977
Insta: @Caesarbeats


So when i grew up in a home that was heavenly influenced by music. My mother use to play the violyn while on my fathers side his parents where gospel singers that did tours all over the south. By the time i was ten which i believe that to be the age i was in the first photo my father had me learning guitar paino and the drums. It never really stuck because everytime i was at his house during summer id just be making improvement and have to leave, back to my mother house in detroit. When i first started out making music i legit was recording myselff into a 1980 tape recorder radio. But hey that helped because it taught me what the transport window is. Me and a couple of family memeber started a group but it never really went anywhere because everyones full attention wasnt to music. So i decided to move to my dads house at 16 and started prosueing it full time. Really spent the last couple years of my life soley focusing on perfect the art of story telling but doing it in a way that doesnt strait bore the listener i believe i achieved that on this tape. By the time i was 18 i learned how to record myself and was working in many diffrent studio from home studios all the way up to million dollar joints. But i really wasnt till i went back to VA and relink with Biggz ( Mentor ) Bottom pic on the left that i was able to hone my skills as a audio engineer which in turn help bring this project to life because i understood the art of arrangement how things should sound and what i could do to make even the most boring part of the tape stand out.  Now after working with talents such as Levi Carter on his last project and Young crazy his latest joint i felt like it was time for me start pushing my own music to new level success. #theroadlesstraveled.


ChrisBeatz is from Northern Virginia (Manassas, Virginia). He started producing at the age of 15. Influenced by Kanye West, Chris began producing an archive of versatile instrumentals. He has produced many records ranging from the genre of Pop all the way to R&B and Trap. Over the years, ChrisBeatz has produced plenty of work with many talent musicians such as Maybach Music Group’s Fat Trel, Young Moe, Brittany B, Lonny Bereal, Lightshow, Kap G (Atlantic Records), Lil Twon (Slip-N-Slide Records), Mi$tro & many more. ChrisBeatz started his own independent production company entitled “Chris Beatz Music” in 2014.  Hisproduction style is unique and cinematic like. Be on the lookout for more of ChrisBeatz in 2017!
Music Producer | Songwriter | Engineer 
 Twitter: @ChrisBeatz703

Chuck Savage

$avage EPK


D4, is a talented and invested music producer from Chesapeake, VA.  He began developing his passion for music at the tender age of 5, learning how to play the piano. While mastering banging on the keys, D4 excelled in the athletic realm by becoming a household name within the Hampton Roads area, as the star quarterback for one of the most prestigious football programs in the nation.  Although D4’s athletic future was promising, his passion for music grew stronger.  D4’s influences stemmed from Virginia’s very own Pharrell and the Neptunes as well as Timbaland, Teddy Riley, and Missy Elliot.  Other influences that stimulated his interests were Swiss Beatz and Just Blaze.

D4’s powerful drums and smooth, majestic melodies has contributed to a high demand of his work and success.  D4 was recently recognized as Producer of the Month for Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta for January, 2017.  He has participated as well as been accepted in a plethora of beat and music competitions such as Remy Producer’s and iStandard’s beat battle.  D4 has surpassed more than 100,000 views with his productions on Youtube.  D4 has worked with up and coming artists such as Levi Carter, Tre Capital, Ant Glizzy, and many renown local artists and Producers from Virginia. D4’s productions cross a wide range of styles, however focuses on rap/hip hop.  With a constantly evolving sound, D4 continues to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres.





D-Ryl Vicious is a producer/VGM composer from Alexandria. Who aspires to score music for films and such. So for he’s working with a few local names just to get a sound out. Currently worked with a few artists,  Ron Hooker, Flamez Jelani, Sam The Man ( who happen to be from VA as well). Checkout his interview & in studio sit down with us!

(A day in the lab with D-Ryl Vicious)


Emerging out of Newport News, Va., mysterious 20 year old producer Dinuzzo has made a wave for himself by combining R&B, Trap, & Soul with a new feel through 808s. The enigmatic Virginia producer has shared his production with many artists throughout the east coast but has costarred in his biggest record to date in “ONYX” by KR. “ONYX” is only 1 of the 7 tracks Dinuzzo produced on KR’s debut album titled “IT COULD HAPPEN”. Be sure to keep an eye out for Dinuzzo as the next time you see him it may be on billboards.

DJ Mentos


After relocating from New York to Richmond in 2014 DJ Mentos has become a fixture in the local hip hop scene. He joined The Cheats Movement Family as a regular podcast contributor and concert co-host (Oddissee, AZ & Joe Budden). In 2016 he produced the song Makes Me Sad on Radio B & Michael Millions album TENTHSNDHRS and partnered with Noah-O for their release The Rain.
Before moving to Virginia, Mentos was a contributor to the Jazz Jousters Series (Millenium Jazz) paying sample-based homage to jazz greats including Grant GreenChick CoreaAhmad Jamal and Milt Jackson. He produced songs for hip hop artists Co$$ aka Cashius King (Blasphemy in Babylon and Wait), Swerve (The Barrelhouse LP) and Haze & Bliss (FAME). Mentos also released 2 full-length instrumental albums on the Dusted Wax Kingdom Label – 2012’s Field of Vision and Abstract Reality in 2013. Earlier, in 2008, Mentos teamed up with Son of Nun to create the socio-political album The Art of Struggle.

D.J. Mentos has performed with artists including the GZA, The Jazz Poet Society, Jeru the Damaja, Prince Paul and Black Thought at venues including The Nuyorican Poet’s Café, C.B.G.B.’s, The Village Underground and The Knitting Factory. Mentos has received praise on and

Behind the turntables, DJ Mentos is known for all-vinyl mixes that pull from his vast library of music. The dusty upbeat grooves of his Flute Funk mix for Wax Poetics Magazine has gained over 30,000 plays online.

Listen to more of Mentos’ production work, remixes and dj mixes at



20 year old producer from Alexandria, been making beats on fl studio for 5 years now.

Credits: 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Fetty Wap, Zoey Dollaz, Drugrixh Peso, G Eazy, Young Crazy



24 years old from Suffolk has worked W/ A$AP Ferg , Rae Sremmurd , Lex Luger, MikeWillMadeIt, TM88 , BIA, Johnny Juliano , Henna Gwap, Very Rare , Gudda Gudda , Jay Pharaoh. Aside from his success in his producing career HighDefRazjah is starting to focus more on his rap career. 

Hot91 Interview


Jack TP is a rising musician from the Hampton roads area. He produces for fellow local artist such as Doug Finesse & Kylic Townes, but he’s also an emcee. Jack’s sound is unconfined for it touches the whole spectrum, hence the name “Jack” for the jack of all trades. Check out this cool track produced for Divine Augustine called “Boom Bap”.



jay.wav is a producer/rapper from Richmond, VA who recently released a string of instrumentals Jupiter Beach, Celia, ZRO.G and a song Don’t You Need Me. He currently is working on his forthcoming project which will be released soon.

Kai Beats

Kai Beats is the producer and engineer for the VA music collective, Artistic Sense. He’s been producing and engineering for roughly 6 years now and is continuing to perfect his craft. In spring of 2016, he released his first beat tape, titled “Love Wave,” which is a collection of beats that are very wavy and melodic. Within the last couple of years, he has gotten into contact with numerous artists whether it be for beats or for mixing/mastering needs as he is continuing to hone his craft in hopes of getting his name out there.  Though his go to is hip-hop/rap production, he is more than eager to work with any artist of any genre.  Feel free to contact him at:
twitter- @ASkai_



Formerly DW KontraBand, Devin was born in Fort Hood, Texas. Moved to Virginia before he could even walk. Loving music all of his life. Growing his mother turned me onto Eminem, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Santana, Rob Thomas, Drake, Bob Marley, Linkin Park, basically any and all kinds of music; he fell in love with all kinds of sounds. So as he grew up he knew he wanted to create it, whether writing, playing, producing, mixing, it didn’t matter. At 17 he pirated Ableton off the internet and started to learn to produce and mix by himself. Now at 20 y/o he hasn’t stopped improving.

Mic C. CraZ

Mic C. CraZ is a producer/emcee from Williamsburg, VA. Growing up, he learned to play the Djembe drum, Trumpet, French Horn and other percussion instruments. He started producing his own music at the age of 17 after graduating high school. “My mother is my rock, and she always kept things for us to do in the house to keep us out of trouble, and music was one of those things that caught my attention.” After working enough to be able to purchase Fruity Loops software and other equipment, he began making beats and recording songs in his bedroom. A list of his influences are Pharrell, 9th Wonder, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West, and many more. His sound has no boundary, with sounds ranging from Gritty Trap to R&B. Mic C. has produced songs for other emerging Virginia artists such as Curt The Shoota, Cash, Leek Jack, Taje Carr, Quizzy Pisho & more. Mic seeks to continue growing musically, venturing into the engineering side of music as well. His goal in music is to help people and become the best artist he can be. Keep an eye out for the name Mic C. CraZ in the future.

ReadyRock James

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 7.45.01 AM.png

ReadyRock James from Hampton,  is an well  producer/artist that has produced a lot of popular within the 757 area. Including artist like Young Crazy, Doeski, Bobby Blaze, Mackderico & many more.



16 year old producer from Woodbridge, VA who has been on a slightly quick come up but it was all achieved through hard work. He has been interested in making beats since he was about 10 years old but with my family not being in the best financial state growing up he never really had the resources to get serious about it and perfect his craft. He first started making beats and writing music back in 8th grade on my iPod but never released it to anyone but friends… now around November 2016 his father bought him a macbook he took advantage instantly, staying up all night every night and even skipping school to work on beats and perfect my craft. Ever since He linked up with rapper, TrevyTrev, he has been taking off, making a name for himself very quickly. Be on the lookout for my projects with many other artists from Northern VA coming soon and be sure to check out his #NOVA$ide mixtape.

Credits: TrevyTrev, Fontay Montana, Lil Lee, Freaky Flash, King Khal, & many more.

Twitter Handle: @_RealRickyRick

#NOVA$ide mixtape

Rico Turcios


“The more people learn about you, even if you’re an underdog, the more attention you get and the more threatening or dangerous you appear to people. the more people try to knock you down.”



Skinnyy Hendrixx

Jarell Divers aka Skinnyy Hendrixx was born in Richmond, Virginia to a close knit family of musicians and artists.  Being surrounded by such talent and skill, he developed a love of music at a very early age.  In following his passions, Skinnyy learned to play various percussion instruments and gained a lot of inspiration from producers like JDilla, Madlib, Timbaland, and Pharrell over the years.  With such influences, Skinnyy’s style is a futuristic and unconventional sound that will surely blow the mind.

Tokyo Trendz

24 y/o DJ, producer, musician & creative visionary from Hampton, VA. He’s been producing for 10 years now and Djing for 5 years (publicly 2 years)  He’s also the main producer/DJ for VA singer LaCree and is all about creating vibes and leaving people with a feeling.



Trill Troy


(Producer – Sound Designer)

Troy Giddens, 23 of UPTOWN Newport News brings a new style to the ever-growing brand off the 757. The essence of Trill Troy began in 2010 with his early production for other local talents such as, SLG, SHF, and Don Pe$o of then C’mon Grounds. Even in adolescence his love for music was apparent, taking years of traditional music training at Woodside High School. In a place where creativity and individuality is a staple, Trill Troy brings us beats that are truly one of a kind. Working with underground artists such as Yung Simmie & Spaceghostpurp, Trill Troy’s beats have gained local acclaim. Many of his musical influences stem from the underground style of Rap/Hip Hop commonly known as “Trill wave”. Some more well known artists of the “Trill wave” genre are DJ SMOKEY, TRIPLE 6 MAFIA, Lord Infamous & Dj Paul, Dj Screw, and UGK. Having founded his sound, Trill Troy brings together a vivid balance of dark and ambient sounds along with angelic sample flips paired with hard knocking bass followed up by insane SLAPS!

Yung Simmie – Re Up Money – prod. trill troy



“Born and raised in Alexandria, Va.  Father is a musician so I was born into music.  Started playing the drums at 2 and learned piano when I was about 10.  Started writing poetry when I was 9 then got into rappin shortly after.  When I was 14 met with a childhood friend (D-ryl Vicious) who just started producing and I told him I rapped.  We started makin lil parody songs here and there in his basement with a computer mic.  Then he showed me how to make beats and from then on I was making beats and rapping on and off.”



Originated in Norfolk, Va born and raised #1DRAFTPICKREEM (22 y/o) started making beats in 2013, after his ex girlfriend downloaded fruity loops on accident and his lil brother Chris CRNZA was already producing for my high school friend Al Doms so naturally he got into the mix. His sound is not having a set sound. He don’t really focus in on one specific sound he create music that simply sounds good and makes you move in some type of way. Currently he’s apart of the collective illPackMobb!

8CE (Ace)


Basic Info:


20 years old, from Woodbridge, VA
Member of the group Tribe Vibe
First and foremost him and his group Tribe Vibe have a project in the works. No title yet. That’s been my main focus so far. He has a few tracks out by them that he produced/engineered here: .
Tribe Vibe Social Media:
Any other questions email him or hit him up on twitter


808Frank is a producer from Matoaca Virginia, who has been producing music since 2010. Worked with Katie Got Bandz, Thraxxx, New Era, Eskay, TayF3rd and more.