Event Recaps

(NewPort News Show from Elevate Tour)

(EDL FEST By EverydayDopeLife)

This past year was definitely a breaking point in the Virginia music scene. Whether it be music content, blogs, or performance opportunity for artist. This year there were multiple “Festivals” within the VA music community but simply none of them compared EDL Fest. This was truly one of a kind reaching to all bases of music in Artist, Singers, Bands, DJs, Clothing Lines, & Producers.

From start to finish this was a great show that turned out was greater than everyone expected. With a beautiful scenery & great food trucks and beer to go along. EDL Fest accumulated approximately 300-400 people. One thing I like most was the diversity within all the musicians and producers selected. It was themed in anyway shape or form!

The most notable performances were from Lacree, Jae R, & 94nicely. They certainly helped build crowd momentum leading up for the main event which was the Cypher! That was definitely the highlight of the night. We discovered a bunch of dope new artists. The production selection perfectly went with the mood. This was truly a one of a kind event and this couldn’t have been better curated by anybody else but Niya! We can’t wait to see what she has in store for next year…. EDL Fest part 2?!