“Our mission is to promote values of equality and humanity as well as advocate and bring awareness to various social issues such as homelessness and poverty, actively in the D.C metropolitan area. We donate 10% of our proceeds to various charities with each collection and actively work to give back to society.”

Social Media

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Steez Premium

“At the core of adversity are many imitators, but there’s only one original style: yours.
We admire those who takes enough pride in their artistic integrity not to conform to
any trend or force going against it because, we’re are those individuals.

We are a lifestyle label staying true to premium design through clothing & goods.”


Stock-Xchange is an up-and-coming eCommerce platform started by a trio of college students based out of the DMV. We sell urban streetwear and provide a platform for local brands and artists to showcase their products and talents through our website and social media pages. Whether you’re a poet, musician, painter etc., we invite you to join us and “Xchange Your Lifestyle…”

Essentials 757

Essentials757 is a brand that was founded in 2015. We express a sense of art and focus on being different and standing out. Hope to have a positive impact not only in our city Chesapeake, Va but all over Virginia.

Website and official merch coming soon!

Insert Name

“I’m unpredictable, I never know where I’m going until I get there, I’m so random, I’m always growing, learning, changing, I’m never the same person twice. But one thing you can be sure of about me; is I will always do exactly what I want to do.” – C Joybell C

Insert Name is a street wear brand that lives by this quote. Everything that is put out is random and unpredictable and can draw on inspirations from everyday life, TV shows, movies, all the way to a simple phrase. The goal of the brand is to offer affordable unique street wear that will spark a conversation from even the most random stranger on the street.


Dripped Off Clothing

Dripped Off Clothing was established In Late August of 2016 by Vondre Manuel (twitter: @Ayvonny, Instagram : Ayedatsdre). He started this clothing line for the simple reason of wanting to wear his own clothes. Not having to buy from other brands. Dripped off is based in the DMV and can be purchased through Twitter/ IG DMs, or the brands website. Vondre expects his brand to become known nation wide following its success as 2017 continues. He is currently looking forward working with more digital designers, artist & models.

MimiFiedNation –

Mimi, Designer of “Mimified Nation” combines a clash of colors, various cultural identities, and visual artistry. We first got a glimpse of Mimi at CutxSewn Sense Fashion Show we instantly fell in love with her work. Her style has no set limit it ranges from urban chic, to practical, to vintage. She take the time to learn about her clients to ensure she can make a design they’d be proud of. Mimi aims to make art a part of people’s lives beyond the walls of galleries and museums.

Lake Fashion


LAKE, which stand for Looking Artistic Kreates Energy, also known as Lake Fashion started 2013 in Norfolk, Va., Lake Fashion is a clothing line that was created to transcended the local and online culture. Lake desires to breakout from VA like other popular brands that are sports-inspired and are true to life style trends, but wants to have the look and longevity as other high-end clothing lines.



Our mission is to connect to fashion conscious individuals through a premuim brand experience To do this we must build lifestyle environments that appeal emotionally, and offer fashion correct products on a timely basis with affordable prices. We are the culture and will continue to push the culture forward thru us and our consumers.

Lake Fashion
“Pursue your passion and live your dream.”

Black Pearl Clothing

BPC is a creative firm started in 2014 who specializes in clothing , film, and architecture.  We are a firm willing to work with people who love what they do and want their vision to come alive.


Creator/designer Zacky Beretta created brand thirdeyeopen as a response to his own personal battles w depression. The brand is centered last around the idea of self awareness & inner peace. The brand represents becoming more finely in tuned to yourself and what the f*ck you really want to do rather than what society depicts is the best path for youth.

Dreamin’ Diamonds

Dreamin’ Diamonds is a socially conscious streetwear brand that encourages its consumers to look their best while pushing through all adversity to accomplish goals. With any venture, dreaming first is critical, but execution is the second and most important step. Chief Executive Officer, Robert X Gray, proves this theory true by consistently providing quality unisex merchandise at affordable price points since its founding in 2015. Dreamin’ Diamonds aims to gain notoriety within the streetwear realm by using its creations to continuously inspire all to turn thoughts and dreams into matter and reality. With a growing fanbase and loyal team that houses a fashion consultant, blog manager and in-house web designer, Dreamin’ Diamonds doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


 Everybody in this world has their own problems. Whatever is taken at face value, is never what it seems. At some point we all experience a time where the pain seems irreversible. Note to self (NTS) was created to serve as a reminder for those people who experiences some type of troubles in their life, that It will be okay. Whether it be depression or just a rough patch, you must keep in mind that eventually, life will get better. NTS is a reminder to treat everyone like they are having a bad day, treat everyone with love and generosity. We all could use a little more love in this world, why not do it with some quality clothing?




F.F.N.R “Forever Fly Never Regular” clothing  Est.2015. Out of the Metropolitan Area of DC ( DcMarylandVirginia) AKA the DMV. “We Fly together We Stay together” Designs that everyone can relate to and trying to bring a Positive Impact.
Mission– Our G O A L is to make the public feel like they stand out from the rest & boost individual confidence from within. Hope to Expand as we go & work with Great People.

Anatomy of the Astros

When it comes to being an artist, creating and making stuff has become second nature for me. A lot of people can get up and just make stuff, but for the people who create without any ulterior motives besides specifically creating because they love to do so and express themselves this way have my utmost respect. To switch from creating on canvas/paper to clothes was a no brainer when i realized it is just another platform to represent my art and express/utilize my creative ways. This “basic” approach for these clothes with only the logo on the clothing in a simple manner is just an introduction to build a support group. Although it is honestly a 50/50 chance that my vision for making clothes sinks or swims, i will make clothes regardless for as long as I can. I have no interest in being the next trending brand or have every person wearing the same exact design on the clothing. I simply just want to express myself the same way as I do on a canvas and portray my art for the world to see. I would rather not boast for what is to come and just focus continue making clothes, let whoever is interested contact me and buy something plus talk doing business in the future/exchange ideas, and continue to grow as an artist all together.
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